Whaly 435R New model

//Whaly 435R New model

Whaly 435R New model


The New Whaly 435R is an incredibly robust boat manufactured from high-grade plastic (Polyethylene) – it’s almost unsinkable and indestructible. This boat is low-maintenance and is produced in 100% colour-fast plastic.These specifications will certainly convince you of its quality.

As a full Rescue/Safety boat it makes sense as you can stack two boats on one trailer and if you hit under water objects who cares it wont, as a fun boat it keeps the family safe inside not on the tubes and as a fishing boat it will take any hooks beach landings or abuse you can throw at it.

You have see this boat to believe it.

Whaly 435 Flyer


Whaly 435 Video


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Whaly 435R new model

Now available new model at Yampower

Additional information


Rotational Moulded Polyethylene (100% recyclable) UV stabilized, double skin hull, made in one piece.

Length (m)


Width (m)


Height (m)


Stern Height

0.52m (long)



Max persons

Cat C 8 persons / Cat D 10 persons

Max Load

Cat C 1000kg/ Cat D 1000kg

Max outboard

40 hp (29,4 kW)