Aluminium Boats | Buster Mini

//Aluminium Boats | Buster Mini

Aluminium Boats | Buster Mini

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The Buster Mini is a full aluminium family boat, that can be rowed or driven by outboard engine. Depending on your choice, you can equip it with electrical or combustion engine or alternatively oars. As it only weighs 100 kg, it can easily be handled ashore. Winter haul out is a breeze as you can turn it upside down and leave it for the dark, cold season. Being unsinkable it is a safe choice.

The Buster Mini is an excellent choice for the summer cottage, for fishing, small transportations or as a tender to a bigger boat. Rain doesn’t impede it, because the Easy Bail (pat.) bailer empties the boat both ashore and under way. Due to it’s full aluminium construction, the Buster Mini does not require much in terms of maintenance. The occasional wash with fresh water is enough. Compared to a GRP boat, the Buster Mini is truly a Carefree Choice!

Though the Buster Mini is the smallest boat in the range, it can carry three passengers with luggage in it’s surprisingly spacious interior. Three upholstered seats guarantee comfortable trips even when going slow. The Buster Mini is the only boat in the range specifically designed with rowing in mind. It can be carried by two adults, and for longer trips it can be trailed behind a small car on a trailer w/o brakes (local regulations and applicable laws to be followed).



Standard EquipmentAccessories
  • Back seat
  • Middle seat
  • Bow seat
  • Composite floor
  • Bracket for short rigged engine
  • Harbour cover
  • Rowing set (one pair of oars, one pair of oarlocks)

Additional information

Seating Capacity


Max Load (kg)


Weight (without engine)


Width (m)


Length (m)


Engine HP (max)