Zodiac Medline

//Zodiac Medline

Zodiac Medline

Comprising four boats, the completely new Medline range has been comprehensively redesigned with one absolute priority in mind: ease of use on land, at anchor and at sea. The dimensions and the weight of each Medline model have been specifically optimised to give excellent weight-to-power ration, going for moderate engine power while simplifying launching and retrieving manoeuvres. Deck plans ensure exceptional ergonomics and modularity: on-board movement is easy, the sundecks are spacious and easy to set up; the afterdeck feels comfortable and secure. Sunbathing, eating or swimming, it couldn’t be easier!

The hull’s build quality, the unique comfort of the upholstery, top-of-the-range fittings, easy maintenance of the tubes… Every detail is the fruit of Zodiac’s ® years of experience and knowledge of the sea.

Package prices from £23995.00
Please call us on 0141 778 5384 or E mail us on info@yampower.co.uk for an up to date price on these models



Medline Model 500 540 580 660 850 850
Overall length (m) 5.0 5.4 5.8 tbc tbc 8.5
Overall width (m) 2.24 2.28 2.54 tbc tbc 3.00
Total weight (kg) 353 404 601 tbc tbc 1600
Passengers (max) 9 10 12 tbc tbc 8(B) 15(C)
Tube size (m) 0.50 0.52 0.55 tbc tbc 0.60
Air compartments 5 5 5 tbc tbc 7
Engine HP (max) 80 100 115 tbc tbc 350
Shaft length Long Long Long tbc tbc Ultra Long