Whaly 500 for sale

//Whaly 500 for sale

Whaly 500 for sale


The Whaly 500 FOLDING DOWN BOW RAMP is suitable for many purposes, an open boat made of high-grade plastic (Polyethylene)

The model is unique by its big inner space and multi-use! ; for recreational use, but also very suitable for professional purposes. Whether you are looking for a stable Work boat, escort craft for a sailing school, a Whaly boat for rescue operations or a rugged Whaly for your boat rental business, Whaly’s, well thought-out design, which emphasises strength and stability, offers many options including wheel chair access, special folding ramp extension along many extras to make it perfect for your job.

A large amount of inner space for a 5 meter boat!

Please call us for a full package price including engine and trailer

The Whaly 500 is here, special offer of free delivery within 100 miles of Glasgow on this boat only



Brand new fold down bow red Whaly 500 in stock now