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Zodiac Cadet Tender RIBS

//Zodiac Cadet Tender RIBS
  • Zodiac Cadet

Zodiac Cadet Tender RIBS

Cadet Rib

Light, Compact and Cost-efficient

Generous by their interior dimensions, quality of the components used and built to last, the CADET RIB will provide your boat with elegance.

Our product range :

  • Cadet Rib 260 NEO/PVC 2,6m/8’6″
  • Cadet Rib 290 NEO/PVC 2,9m/9’6″
  • Cadet Rib 310 NEO/PVC 3,1m/10’2″
  • Cadet Rib 340 NEO/PVC 3,4m/11’2″
  • Cadet Rib 390 NEO 3,9m/12’10″
  • Large diameter buoyancy tube: + stability
  • Choice of fabric: Strongan™ or Hypalon™-Neoprene™
  • Generous seating: great comfort of use
  • Available in white on Hypalon™-Neoprene™ fabric versions

Cadet RIB Alu

Zodiac Nautic completes its tender range with a new line of aluminum hulls.

These ultra-light tenders are easy to handle and have a low impact on the davits of your boat. The large diameter tubes ensure stability, and the ability to plane quickly and easily so everything in your boat remains safe and dry. The Strongan fabric with welded joints ensures guarenteed reliability in all weather conditions.

5 models -240 / 270/300/330/360- Standard equipment includes one seat bag and one dry bag ; Competitively priced.


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Cadet Rib


Cadet RIB Alu